I’m Baaack!!

                    Hello!!  Wow I haven’t been on edublogs on a while. I miss typing and being able to be on edublogs. Anyway my summer has been pretty busy so far I was caught with cheer, fundrasing , and swimming! I just got back from camping and man that was fun too! I hope all of you are having a good and happy summer I will write soon.!

My GoOdByEs!!

Hi everyone !!! Since I am finishing up the year I want everyone to know that I will miss everyone and can’t wait to see them next year! Anyway I think that my most favorable moment of the year was when I went to Science Camp in Highland which was really fun. I liked when me and my friend were in the canoe and we fell off the canoe and into the river. That was really fun!! I came home soaking wet. I did try out for cheerleading and I can end my year happy because I did make the team!! I want to say special good byes to the following people: my teacher Ms.Nichols for pushing me and helping me succeed, My friend Nickole for helping me find my true self , and last but not least Heaven for always telling me the truth and making me feel happy in probably the worst times ever.!! I will miss you all and see you next year!! Bye!!



What is really on your skin?

What  Really Is Better For Your Skin!?

Have you ever taken the thought of what might be in your skin products? Well, if the answer is ” no ” then you should take a look. Face products and other things that you are using have seriously dangerous chemicals in them ! I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Most of the ads on T.V say that people who have acne should use their product and then they put a famous person to persuade you to buy or put fake actors as scientists to persuade you to buy. What those commercials don’t tell you is what the product carries in them. So when you see these beautiful people saying 4 out of 5 or 99% of people see results don’t you ever wonder why not 5 out of 5 or 100% of people see results? Well the reason for this is because not all people’s skin is the same. So why do they treat all skin the same? All people do not have the same skin type as others and that is what the products don’t understand.

The chemicals in acne products carries all type of chemicals that can cause some major damage to your skin! Here are some chemicals used to “clean your face” . Propyl, Ethyl which is a chemical used to de-ice airplanes but it is used because it’s cheap. Another chemical used in most face products is fragrances which is just 200 of the cheapest synthetic   fragrances mixed together! YIKES!!

Studies have shown that organic products may work better than the chemical based products. The organic would work better because it is natural and not toxic with all those harmful dangers with them like the other products. People all over ahve used face products because they either have acne or some skin problem and some of the products they used have the chemicals that I talked about were in them and they caused more damage to the skin then it had before!

What I am trying to say is chemicals and other non-organic products can have major effect on you and next time check what you are putting on your face and be careful. I check a cream my mom bought and it has exactly those chemicals I talked about. So check what you are putting on your face .

CHallenGe: Time to nominate

This is another blog that I enjoy very much and would like to nominate and it is yummy watermelon’s blog!! This blog is very funny and i enjoyed every minute of reading it. It does make fun of blondes a little bit but the rest is to help blondes survive  in school without being made fun of. I am not blonde but that is why I find it funny. I still enjoyed reading it. To go and visit Yummy Watermelon’s blog click the link below.


Challenge: time to nominate

There is one blog that I enjoy the most and it’s  my friend Heaven’s blogs(Heavenlyangel’s blog). This blog is very exciting to read about. I think this blog would deserve to be nominated to win an award. The writing is not boring and it is interesting. This blog has had time put in to it I would know that because I work with Heaven and she truly puts effort into her blog. This is why I nominate Heaven!!!!! Click the link below to look at who I nominated!!! ^-^                ^ _^      <3


My trip to………………

I have been many places in the United States!!! There has probably only been one time that  I have been out of the country and that was two years when I went to Canada!!! Yes I said Canada! My dad’s side of the family moved to the french part of Canada called Quebec. There mostly everyone speaks french so it was kind of hard to learn how to communicate with people. When I went I had so much fun. My cousins were awesome and so was the rest of my family. What is cool about Canada is that almost every single house there had to have a basement in case an earthquake occurs and there is severe damage, but almost every house has a second floor (even the houses that don’t look that big). Before I got there my grandma gave me 100$ . I went with my grandpa only so she told me to spend it on whatever I wanted. I was so happy until I forgot that I was going to another country and the money is different. I had just remembered this when I got off the plane flight. Speaking of the flight, it was amazingly boring. I had bought Starbucks coffee to keep me awake on the plane but that was a bad idea because I think I would have been better off sleeping. The first stop was in Chicago. Then when I had to get on another plane it was so so so small. There was only one row for the flight attendants to pass the drinks and nuts and whatever other business they had to do. There was one row of seats with a one person seat and the another row for only 2 people seats. If you can imagine what I am imagining, then you can get a pretty good picture of how small the plane was. Anyway that was just the flight was that but when I walked through the doors and entered a new country I felt like a true adventurer. Kind of like Dora the Explorer except I don’t have the annoying voice and don’t look nothing like her(I am prettier just kidding). I stayed in Canada for two week. I met family member that I don’t even know and people that I don’t even remember!! I saw a Canadian starbucks . The Starbucks is called Tim Horton’s. I had this frozen cappuccino and it was really good. But I had a really good time spending time with my family because now I know that I have a lot ( and I mean a lot) of more family than I thought. I can also practice my french when I talk to them on my web cam!! This was my trip to Canada!! 🙂

StUdEnT BlOgGiNg cHaLlEnGe #10

These are some questions for the student blogging challenge :

* How many posts did you write?

I have written 8 posts.

* How many were school based or your own interests? I have 6 school based and 2 personal posts.

* How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I received 10 comments on my posts.

* Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

I received the most comments on my scholastic essay post and I believe  that I  got the most comments on that post because it was probably the most interesting because it involved reasons why I should be president.

* Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I enjoyed writing my earth day post most. I liked it because I like to write poems and I like mother earth.

* Did you change blog themes at all and why?

NO I really enjoyed it and I believe I chose the one that was right for me and my blog.

* How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have only 1 widget on my blog and that is my pet panda Minty. I only have one sidebar so I think that maybe I will add my avatar to my page.

Now you read my blogs and do an audit. Answer the questions below:

* What were your first impressions of this blog?

* What captured your attention?

* What distracted you on the blog?

* What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?:) 🙂 🙂

My Abecedarian Poem


Beautiful Bird in the

City  in the

Dark sky has a determined,

Excited personality, wanting to

Fly up high in the night sky

Getting ready as a baby bird to learning

How to manage

Its own life.

Jets fly by and the baby bird sees how people

Kindly wave at him. The kids

Look at him and he looks

Mean and sad but inside he wants to go to

Never Land and wants to fly high up in the sky and be free

Out of the nest  he starts to flap his little wings. He picks up his head

Pops out his head slightly to see what he was about to do. He is still

Quite little and might not make it.

Really determined , the bird jumps out!!!

Starts heavily flapping his wings….. He made it.

The little bird flies near and far, over and


Very happy for the first time in his two to three weeks of life.

Waiting for other birds to come along with him. He hears noises of the

Xylophone , and flute

Young and free he will be but at night he makes a specific sound


Earth Day!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I am a little late on Earth day but here it is………………

Have you ever taken in the thought of  how everyday more and more our earth is being polluted. Well did you know that every second 1000’s of trees are being cut down and those trees are being put to good use, but too much can be very bad. Here is an example of how much use is being used. Humans use 2,025 rolls of paper towels in their life time. Times all that by maybe a million and that just some of the people in the world. Plastic bags need to stop being all over beaches and street because then those go to landfills. Every person18,00 bags in a life time!! One way we can stop this is by using reusable bags that are sold maybe anywhere now and they don’t cost a lot. 500 bags are distributed every year by companies. That is quite a lot!! Now moving into energy. There are so many types of energy and a lot is also being used. If every household would change their light bulbs to CFL’S (the squiggly ones). Those light bulbs use less energy compared to a regular light bulb. Did you know that if you turn down your thermostat 1 degree down it can help to keep 1 ton of carbon dioxide out of the air. Well I have to go now. Hope you had a very pleasant and Happy Earth Day !!!!! 🙂 🙂 <3

My science teacher

Spring Break!!!!!!<3

………What am I going to do during my spring break?   Well I’ll tell you all one thing is that I am not going to sit around and do nothing because I need to always be busy. I am going to be playing soccer(my favorite sport ever) and I will try and go to Knotts Berry Farm because I finally bought my annual pass to get in whenever I want!!!YAY!!!! I might go to Hollywood and explore places that I never have seen. But one thing I will do is spend Easter with my family and have fun with my baby brother and sister! I cannot wait to get to do all these things…. oh and I am getting my hair cut while I  am on spring break. This is what I am going to do on my spring break….. what are you going to do on your spring break? Hopefully you have just as much fun as I am. I have to go now bye bye!! :] <3

To Go to one the places I am going to then you can click one of the links above to see where and what you want to do.